carolyn jervis

“Is it unrequited love? A love triangle? Do you have a crush on feminism? Perhaps you are having a lovers’ quarrel?” – from the Love Letters to Feminism call for submissions,  Carolyn Jervis.

love lettersLove Letters to Feminism is a touring exhibit curated by Carolyn Jervis. Jervis’ call for participation asked contributors to mail in their love letters to feminism. The exhibition asks contributors and audiences to reflect on the nature of their relationships with feminism. Since its original installation in the Women’s Studies Exhibition Space in Fall 2009, Love Letters to Feminism has toured Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa.


Carolyn Jervis with “Love Letters to Feminism” at the CWSA reception in Montreal

Based in Edmonton, Carolyn earned a BA in Art and Design, with a Women’s Studies minor, in 2010. While working as a freelance art writer and cultural worker, Carolyn earned a Master’s degree in Critical and Curatorial Studies Program from the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory at the University of British Columbia in 2014. She currently works as a curatorial assistant at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

To find out more about love letters, why not check out


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