cindy baker –

“My interest in lipsticks and bullets stems from the fact that they are so visually similar and yet, to me, represent opposite ends of the gender socialization spectrum” – Cindy Baker

IMG_1640In the installation Lipsticks and Bullets, Cindy Baker compels viewers to consider the overlapping production histories of bullets and lipsticks. Working in a queer register, Baker sets out to confuse rather than clarify the distinctions between these objects and to challenge the gendered frameworks within which their meaning is secured.

The installation features a large collection of lipstick and lipstick-like, bullet and bullet-like objects, including some cast from the artist’s own body. Viewers are invited to taste candy lipstick and to try lipstick testers.

Currently based in Lethbridge, Alberta, Cindy earned an MFA at the University of Lethbridge, where she held a SSHRC grant for research on performance and the absence of the artist’s body. Cindy’s research-based practice draws from queer theory, gender studies, fat activism, and art theory.

Lipsticks and Bullets was on view in the Feminist Exhibition Space from September 15 to December 23, 2014.


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